Azure Information Protection and Azure RMS Troubleshooting (4/15) Discovery Issue

By | August 26, 2017

In the next series of articles, we will understand how to troubleshoot and resolve common and special issues that can occur when working with Azure Information Protection or Azure RMS on local machine.

RMS service discovery lets the RMS client check which RMS server or service to communicate with before protecting content. Service discovery might also happen when the RMS client consumes protected content, but this is less likely to happen because the policy attached to the content contains the preferred RMS server or service and only if that is unsuccessful does the client then run service discovery.
To perform service discovery, the RMS client checks: Registry and Discovery service.

When authentication is successful, the user name from the authentication is used to identify the Azure Information Protection tenant to use. The Azure Information Protection URL to use for that user account is returned to the RMS client. The URL will be in the following format: https://RightsManagementServiceId/_wmcs/licensing

How to Check The Discovery Service

Go to AZRMS PowerShell and what is the RightsManagementServiceId value with the following command:

and the LicensingExtranetDistributionPointUrl url

On the client-side check the DefaultServerUrl on the following path with Regedit
if for some reason the value on the client isn’t the same as the values in the RightsManagementServiceId you need to delete the value in the registry and retrieve the value automatically.
Azure Information Protection and Azure RMS Troubleshooting

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