Microsoft Intune from A to Z – Activation

By | December 14, 2017

The following guides and articles will described the Microsoft Intune, features benefits and how to configure and deploy the important features for Mobile devices.
This specific article focused on Microsoft Intune activation and registration process whether you have Office 365 service or you are new to the Office 365 service.

The post Microsoft Intune from A to Z – Overview described the Mobile world (EMM,MDM,UEM,MAM), the Microsoft Intune features and benefits and other related information.

How to Activate Microsoft Intune

The process of activation and registration is very simple and it doesn’t take long but there are still some small emphases that you need to pay attention to them.
(The following example based on standalone service)

1. Go to the Microsoft Intune Sign up page and add following information:

Region – remember that information cannot be changed because the information is delivered based on your region
If you’ve existing Office 365 services the Microsoft Intune can be add from the option in the right corner and it will be shorter.

2. The next page will need information about your Tenant domain (the domain)

Once you choose create account you will be required identify your self with your mobile phone


3. Once you identified by the Microsoft Intune service you’re good to go and continue with the process


4. After the activation process complete the Microsoft Intune will guide and inform about actions and how to start your journey with Microsoft Intune.
Its not important but provide some way to receive useful information about Microsoft Intune.


5. Once the activation has completed we need to access the Microsoft Intune portal and there are few ways:

Microsoft Office Portal (MOP) – and from Admin centers choosing Intune


Microsoft Azure Portal – and make sure that you’ve the Intune on the dashboard and if not add it from the left panel.


Microsoft Intune (direct from Azure Portal)

The old and classic Intune portal (features that have not yet been added to Azure)

From this point you can continue and the next steps will be to configure the basic settings, add users, prepare company policies and and devices based on you policy.

Some questions from the fields

Q – If I start evaluating Intune and create a new tenant for the trial, can I add O365 to the evaluation using the same tenant?
A – Yes. Just sign in using a global admin from your existing Intune tenant/subscription

Q – Can Intune detect whether a device is jail broken?
A – Yes, for some operating systems. For information on how to manage jail broken devices

Q – Can we restrict a user from uninstalling an app?
A – No. but, on a supervised iOS device you can prevent a user from uninstalling an app that was distributed using the Apple Configurator.

Q- BitLocker can be enforced by Intune?
A- The OMA-DM agent in Windows 8.1/RT allows you to read (get) the encryption status. You cannot set it. This is true for Microsoft Intune and for other mobile device management services.

Q- If I encrypt a Windows 8 tablet using BitLocker, may I enforce full device wipe if a user consecutively fails logon several times?
A – There is no option for full wipe on Windows 8.1 devices for any mobile device management service, including Intune. Intune provides selective wipe for those devices.

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